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Doctors Target NexGen Implants For Loosening Early

Since 2003, Zimmer Holdings has sold an impressive 150,000 NexGen CR Flex knee implants. This accounts for 2% […]

Surgeon Dismissed After Asking Zimmer to Issue Recall

A doctor was fired when he asked Zimmer to recall a knee implant that him and another doctor found to be loosening in a number of patients.

Questions Regarding Zimmer NexGen Knee Catch Senate Committee’s Eye

The Zimmer NexGen knee implant has been shown to loosen in 36% of people within two years of surgery. The Senate Committee has questioned the quality of Zimmer’s product.

DePuy Waited to Issue Recall Until Pressured By Lawsuit

DePuy did not issue a recall until hundreds of complaints surfaced, along with a study and newspaper articles which showed their increased rate of failure.

What Are Some Results of Hip Surgery?

Hip surgery may result in several complications including bleeding, infection, nerve damage, blood clots, and dislocation.

How Hip Implant Manufacturers Decide to Issue a Hip Replacement Recall

Given that in the recent years there has been more than one hip replacement recall you would think manufacturers would be prudent in testing and recalling their products. But, from past experiences hip implant recalls are the usually the result of regulatory and economic pressures on the company.

DePuy Blaming Patients for Hip Implant Failure

Hip Implant Pain? Free Legal Advice (800) 232-7070 Defective DePuy ASR hip replacement implants require diagnostic tests and surgery J & J wants you to pay for.

DePuy Hip Recall Shows Need for National Joint Registry in US

DePuy Hip Implant Pain? FREE Legal Advice (800) 232-7070 Get MAX Compensation for Pain & Suffering. Defective hip implant cause 1 in 8 to get Revision Surgery

10 Clues That Your Hip Replacement May Be Defective

If you have an artificial hip joint & experience medical complications, it may be time to visit your surgeon for an evaluation. (800) 232-7070 Free Legal Advice

FDA Rules on Medical Device Recalls You Should Know

A medical device recall is an action of the FDA to address problems with any medical device found to be in violation of due to defect, health risk, or both.

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