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DePuy Asks Patients to Sign Over Medical Records

Just prior to the recall of DePuy’s ASR XL Acetabular System, the company sent packets of forms to surgeons requesting patients sign and return them. The paperwork entitles DePuy to their entire medical history. The form would also allow DePuy to take possession of their first implant. The forms are a method for DePuy to get information from patients about their medical history which might later be used against them in a DePuy hip recall lawsuit.

As a hip replacement recall lawyer, it’s usually a good idea to speak with an attorney before anyone gives up their hip implant or signs any forms with DePuy. The device needs to be properly tested by a neutral third-party who can determine why the implant failed and record any findings. DePuy is trying to simply cover out-of-pocket expenses for patients, however the long-term effects of hip failure are not entirely known. Patients could incur future expenses if they have metal poisoning, when harmful cobalt and chromium is shed into the bloodstream.

DePuy may also try to blame surgeons for inaccurately placing their artificial help, however experts agree that the poor design of the hip is the source of the problem. A hip implant recall lawyer can asses a claim and protect your rights against DePuy’s claims that surgeons or patients are at-fault.

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