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What Raises Risks of Post-Surgery Complications?

You or a loved one may have gone through a surgical operation of your hip to be relieved of pain related to osteoarthritis. The possibility of your hip implant failing, if it was a DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System, is 1 in 8. A painful second surgery in order to correct this failure will be necessary. The dangers and risks of problems are heightened during this dangerous surgery, however there are other factors which could affect your recovery post-surgery:

  • Gender – Males are more likely to need hip surgery face problems afterward
  • Age – 75-years or older usually signals that recovery will be more difficult due to softer and more brittle bones
  • Ethnicity – African-American are prone to experiencing more trouble with their hip surgery
  • Socioeconomic status – Patients with lower incomes report more problems mainly due to having less access to assistive devices,  therapy and other care post-surgery
  • Weight – Having a weight of 300 pounds or higher will give a patient more problems post-surgery

Hip surgery is not a cure for every hip problem you’re facing. The new prosthetic is weaker than the bone it replaces. This may result in many problems post-surgery. Gradually, the ability to move should be possible, however 12-13% of DePuy hip replacements have been known to fail.

As an ASR hip replacement attorney, I recommend someone who underwent surgery and has the ASR XL Acetabular System implant by DePuy Orthopaedics make an appointment with their doctor. Necessary tests such as X-Rays and blood tests will help determine if your hip has indeed failed. A hip replacement lawyer can asses your claim and gain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

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