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Hip Replacement Surgery FAQ’s

As a DePuy hip recall lawyer, I hope to help answer any questions you have regarding hip replacement surgery. When you or a loved one are suffering, it may be the only option left.

Why would I need a hip replacement?

It is used to reduce painful symptoms when they can no longer be treated using other forms of therapy. If daily activities are too painful and cannot be performed, a hip replacement may raise the quality of life.

How long will I be hospitalized?

4-6 days on average. General anesthesia is required and surgeons will make an 8-10 inch incision.

When will surgical staples be removed?

Stapes will be removed around 10-14 days after surgery. They are required to keep the incision from breaking.

How long does it take to recover from surgery?

A maximum of one year is required to recover from surgery. Most patients can resume “normal” activity with a walker or cane within 2 weeks to one month of surgery. Patients are advised not to twist or bend from the hip in order to shorten recovery time and decrease the risk of dislocation

How soon can I drive?

Most people can drive within 2-6 weeks, but it depends largely on the overall health of the individual.

How long with the hip replacement last?

The average lifespan is 15-25 years.

Do hip implants fail early, and if so, how often?

The average rate of early hip failure is 5%. The ASR XL Acetabular System made by DePuy Orthopaedics has a higher rate of 12-13%.

What happens when the implant fails?

The defective implant must be removed and a more difficult second “revision” surgery must take place.

If you have a DePuy ASR XL total hip replacement system implant you might want to consult with a hip recall lawyer who can help you protect your rights and assist you should you file a hip recall lawsuit.

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