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How to Prepare for Hip Surgery

If you or a loved one are about to undergo hip surgery, certain precautionary measures should be taken. The individual about to undergo surgery should be as healthy as possible, and upper-body strength should be at its best. In the weeks leading up to a surgery, a physical therapy program should be established to improve muscle strength.

Other medical tests should be given to a patient prior to surgery:

  • Blood work. Patients should also prepare for autologous blood donation (the process a patient goes through to donate blood if a transfusion is done), which is often required after a hip procedure. A first donation must be made 42 days prior to surgery and the last donation made less than seven days before.
  • Urinalysis, which is especially important for older women who often get urinary infections which go undetected.
  • EKG, will monitor cardiac status.
  • Chest X-Ray, prevents respiratory issues complicated by surgical anesthesia.

Schedule meetings with the following staff members:

  • Hospital nursing staff.
  • A physical or occupational therapist.
  • The doctor completing your surgery.
  • A social worker or someone who can help you with necessary tasks post-surgery.

Hopefully you’re not having to go through a second, “revision” surgery due to failure of the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System recall. But if you are, as a DePuy hip replacement recall lawyer, I recommend talking to your doctor about the best ways to strengthen your hip. This should help you heal better and hopefully not have a changed quality of life.

It’s shocking at the numbers of people who are having to go through a second revision surgery because of the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall. Approximately 1 in 8 people with that hip implant will have to have a revision surgery within the first 5 years of their surgery. If you or someone you know has a DePuy ASR XL hip replacement system it’s a good idea to speak to a DePuy hip recall lawyer so you know how to protect your rights.

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