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Phoenix Hip Recall Lawyers Protecting Your Rights!

Hip recall lawsuits are being filed against Johnson & Johnson on behalf of Phoenix hip replacement recall victims. If you are suffering from the ASR Hip Implant you may be entitled to compensation.

1 in 8 people with a Defective DePuy ASR hip replacement are at risk of hip replacement failure. Call Now for Free Legal Advice (800) 707-1210.

The National Joint Registry, an independent research organization recently released a report showing alarmingly high hip implant failure rates. 93,000 hip implant patients underwent hip replacement surgery with a DePuy ASR Hip replacement system since 2003. Due to the negligence of Johnson & Johnson, an expected 12,000 individuals may require another hip replacement surgery within 5 years of their original surgery.

It is only natural to feel concerned about the future after finding out that you may have a defective hip replacement. The following tips can help you get the peace of mind you seek and the compensation you deserve.

Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself now:

1. Contact your doctor or the hospital where you received the hip replacement surgery immediately to find out if you have a DePuy hip implant that is part of the hip recall.

2. If your hip replacement is part of the hip implant recall, seek the advice of a reputable Hip Recall Lawyer. A hip recall attorney will provide a free consultation to determine if you have a valid defective hip implant recall claim.

3. NEVER sign any documents or speak to any representative from Johnson & Johnson or DePuy about your hip. They may try to have you sign documents that could hurt your hip recall case. By signing release forms, you may unwittingly grant access to your personal medical records to contractors hired by Johnson & Johnson.

4. Follow the instructions your hip recall attorney gives. You can be assured that your hip recall lawyer will protect your rights, get you the best medical treatment, and get you the maximum compensation for pain and suffering endured.

The Expert Hip Recall Lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are filing lawsuits on behalf of hip replacement recall victims in Phoenix and Nationwide. If you or a loved one has suffered because of a defective hip replacement device, contact our attorneys to determine if you have a valid hip replacement recall claim.

Legal Experts Are Available 24/7 to Provide Free & Confidential Legal Advice on Your Defective Hip Recall Claim

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