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Why Do Hip Implants Lack Warranties?

Hip implants lack warranties because they claim patients and surgeons are to blame for failure, and make a large profit from not having warranties.

Signs Your Artificial Hip Implant Has Failed

The signs you’re experiencing failure of a hip implant include pain, limping, decreased flexibility, fatigue, squeaking, swelling, and inflammation.

Potentially Dangerous Metal Ions Shed Into Patient’s Bloodstream

Potentially dangerous metal ions are being shed into a patient’s bloodstream, caused by friction of the metal components.

Younger Patients Face Many Complications from Hip Surgery

Younger patients who underwent hip surgery may face long-term problems such as muscle and nerve damage or metal poisoning.

Panel Convenes to Determine Case Consolidation

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Legislation is convening to determine if hip recall cases should all be transferred to one judge.

What Are Some Results of Hip Surgery?

Hip surgery may result in several complications including bleeding, infection, nerve damage, blood clots, and dislocation.

Do I Need a Hip Recall Lawyer?

DePuy hip implant patients need a lawyer on their side who can protect their rights and gain compensations for future injury.

How Hip Implant Manufacturers Decide to Issue a Hip Replacement Recall

Given that in the recent years there has been more than one hip replacement recall you would think manufacturers would be prudent in testing and recalling their products. But, from past experiences hip implant recalls are the usually the result of regulatory and economic pressures on the company.

DePuy Hip Recall Shows Need for National Joint Registry in US

DePuy Hip Implant Pain? FREE Legal Advice (800) 232-7070 Get MAX Compensation for Pain & Suffering. Defective hip implant cause 1 in 8 to get Revision Surgery

10 Clues That Your Hip Replacement May Be Defective

If you have an artificial hip joint & experience medical complications, it may be time to visit your surgeon for an evaluation. (800) 232-7070 Free Legal Advice

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