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DePuy Hip Sales Stopped in Australia Before Recall

DePuy implants were found to be failing at higher rates than usual, but twice they refrained from issuing a recall due to accuracy rates being less than 95% at the time. In 2005, studies in Australia showed the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System hip implant was failing at higher rates than usual.In 2008, studies in Australia now had an accuracy rate of 95%, so DePuy halted sales there. They did not, however, issue a recall. The implants remained available in the United States. The company issued a “urgent field safety notice” in March 2010 which told doctors not to put the implant in people with smaller bone structures. In August, a recall was finally announced.

All of the long-term effects of hip implant failure are not known. X-Rays, MRI’s, and CT scans can help determine if your hip has failed. Blood clots, infection, and hip dislocation or some signs your hip implant is defective. Metal poisoning, however, is invisible and can only be detected through blood tests. As a hip recall lawyer, I want to remind patients they should not contact the DePuy hotline and be mindful of signing any medical release forms with them. They may try to use your information against you. They are responsible for the pain and suffering you experience due to their defective devices. In order to ensure your rights are protected, a DePuy hip replacement lawyer can help answer any questions that you may have with your lawsuit.

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