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DePuy’s Offer to Pay Out-of-Pocket Expenses Not Enough

DePuy says they will compensate patients “out-of-pocket” expenses for the failure of their XL Acetabular System artificial hip. The entire truth behind DePuy’s claims leaves out other necessary costs. In a statement made by DePuy, they will “cover reasonable and customary costs of testing and treatment if patients need services, including revision surgery if necessary.” However, in order to receive these payments, patients must take many actions first. Some people think that DePuy is saying this to try to keep people from filing DePuy hip recall lawsuits.

To verify eligibility for reimbursement, documentation must be completed and submitted proving patients have the ASR implant. Then, DePuy states, “the ASR patient has consented, if requested, to provide DePuy with x-rays, explants, and other related medical information after the revision surgery.” So in order to receive compensation for medical procedures, patients are required to give-up their private medical records and their failed hip implant as physical evidence.

DePuy claims to compensate patients for co-pays, travel expenses and lost work wages. However, “These costs will be more clearly defined shortly and are subject to review on a case-by-case basis.” Considering the hip failure has debilitated many people, simply covering “out-of-pocket” expenses will not be enough. Expenses may additionally include caregiver wages, modifications made to the home, and assistive devices.

As a hip replacement recall lawyer, I hope that you or a loved one affected by the hip recall quickly seek legal advice in order to asses your case and protect your rights.

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