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Help Hotline and Release Forms Can Be Used Against Patients

Depuy Orthopaedics, the orthopedic division of Johnson & Johnson, has two methods enabling them to gain information from patients. Their telephone hotline was created to answer questions and concerns patients have with the recalled hip implants. However, this line which appears to be helpful may be used against a patient if you’re not careful. The representatives on the other end of the line are trained to extract the most information possible from a patient. They may ask a patient to tell them something about their hip surgeries which shouldn’t be given out. Through litigation, DePuy might do whatever they can to protect themselves and could use information against a patient.

A medical release form given to patients can also hand over records and evidence which does not belong to DePuy. Confidential information is handed over to DePuy though this form, along with allowing them to posses a patient’s first hip implant if they received a second “revision” surgery.

DePuy representatives are trying to protect their own interests by asking patients to sign away their rights to them. The hip implants they recalled have been found to fail at a rate of 12-13% in the first five years. Implant failure could result in several symptoms, including metal poisoning. These dangerous symptoms, which may lead to allergies caused by chromium and cobalt leaked into the bloodstream, are especially worrisome for younger people. As a DePuy ASR hip recall lawyer, I feel patients should be warned about giving up valuable and personal information. Having a hip replacement recall lawyer on your side is important to securing private information and protecting your rights.

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