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How DePuy Compares to Zimmer, Stryker Recalls

The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System was recalled in August, 2010. In recent history, two other companies have also recalled their hip implants due to malfunctioning, Stryker and Zimmer.

Stryker’s Trident PSL and Hemispherical Acetabular hip replacement cups were recalled after an FDA warning in January, 2008 due to poor sterilization and bacterial contamination dangers. Between 2005-2008, Stryker cup users complained of pain, difficulty walking, squeaking, crunching, breaking and wearing down of components. Patients had more difficulty with a second surgery to replace the malfunctioning implant due to fracturing and bone chipping.

The Zimmer Durom cup was recalled because of its high rate of failure, and high possibilities of loosening. Similar to the DePuy case, Zimmer targeted surgeons for improper placement of the implant. Surgeons, on the other hand, blamed Zimmer for poor design. The cup was used in approximately 12,000 hip surgeries in the United States alone. In July of 2008 the cup was finally taken off the market, just three months after a California surgeon voiced concerns over the Zimmer cup at a conference.

All three companies knew problems existed with their products before issuing a recall. Over 400 complaints against DePuy were filed before their recall. As a DePuy hip replacement recall lawyer, I hope everyone who has suffered due to the DePuy hip recall, or knows someone who has, will have their claim assessed with an DePuy ASR recall lawyer.

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