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Potentially Dangerous Metal Ions Shed Into Patient’s Bloodstream

Patients who underwent surgery to have the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System hip implanted are potentially entitled to compensation for their future medical expenses. These costs may arise from the hip implants, recalled by DePuy Orthopaedics on August 26,  which may release metals including chromium and cobalt into a patient’s bloodstream, resulting in non-cancerous tumors and inflammation.

As a DePuy hip recall lawyer it’s important that you realize the long-term effects of metal poisoning are not all entirely known or understood yet. One thing is certain though, the metal debris and ions left in the system can induce greater costs rather than simply the out-of-pocket expenses DePuy is attempting to pay patients. Individuals who have the hip implant may not realize yet they are poisoned by chromium or cobalt from the recalled hip replacement until receiving proper testing.

The metal-on-metal design of the hips creates friction. The rubbing together of the metal components causes ions to leak into the bloodstream. DePuy may try to make patients believe their surgeon is to blame since inaccurate placement of the hips are the primary cause of problems. If DePuy insists you sign any medical release forms, as an asr hip replacement lawyer I do not advise signing anything as they could use your medical records against you. A hip implant lawyer can work to protect your rights and evaluate a case you may have.

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