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What To Do After Getting a Letter from DePuy

A letter may have just arrived in the mail from DePuy. This could mean you are one in eight patients whose ASR XL Acetabular System hip implant failed. Rather than reaching for the phone to call DePuy, or signing any documentation, first you should contact your doctor and make an appointment. Although it may not seem your implant has failed, and you have no visible symptoms, you could have metal poisoning. Debris shed from the implant causing heightened levels of chromium and cobalt, which requires blood testing to detect.

While at the doctor’s appointment, thoroughly explain your symptoms and ask if these are signs of hip failure. Write down your symptoms, which may later be used by your hip recall lawyer in order to claim “pain and suffering.”

Be aware of any communications made with DePuy. Information you give them could be used against you. If they ask to take photographs or take your failed hip implant, do not allow this. They may also try to convince you that your doctor is to blame for not accurately placing the hip, but experts have agreed that doctors are not at-fault. It is rather the poor design of the hip which is causing many to suffer.

An ASR recall attorney can help you asses a claim and work to achieve maximum compensation. Through a consultation, the hip replacement attorney can potentially not only earn for you current medical costs, but future costs as well. The many symptoms of a failed implant can result in limping, pain, inability to function normally, and other long-term symptoms. You need to fight for protection of your legal rights in any way possible.

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