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Why Your Hip May Be Hurting

If you are experiencing pain in your hip, it could be a sign that you have osteoarthritis. Hip pain often comes from this degenerative disease of the joint. Also called “wear and tear” arthritis, this condition leads to cartilage degradation. Cartilage cushions the thighbone ball within the hip socket and pain is a result of the bones rubbing against each other once the cartilage is worn down.

People who are overweight or over 50-years-old have an increased proclivity of experiencing osteoarthritis. While some are genetically prone to hip pain, bone breakage and trauma also induce the pain. Symptoms are likely to spike due to colder temperatures.

Symptoms of an arthritic hip include:

  • Pain during daily activities
  • Range of motion becomes limited, including a loss of flexibility or inability to bend at the waist
  • Hip and leg stiffness, such as joints which “lock up”
  • Limping while walking

Ways to decrease these symptoms include losing weight, modifying activities, using a walking aid, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and taking joint supplements such as glucoesamine in order to strengthen cartilage. If these treatments don’t suffice, a second surgery is often the next step in managing symptoms. As a hip implant lawyer, you might want to start seeking treatment immediately if you or a loved one experienced pain stemming from the recent DePuy ASR hip recall. You might also want to contact a hip recall lawyer about filing a DePuy hip recall lawsuit to protect your rights during this recall.

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