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Younger Patients Face Many Complications from Hip Surgery

Patients who have the DePuy Orthopaedics ASR XL Acetabular System artificial hip implant have the increased chance of experiencing painful symptoms associated with early hip failure. However, younger patients face the threat even more severely, with greater risks of longer-term complications. This hip implant is likely to fail in 12-13% of patients within the first five years, and can only be fixed with a second “revision” surgery. This procedure is much more difficult and may result in a shorter functional lifespan of a patient.

DePuy initially marketed the hip implant to younger patients for having less risk of dislocation. However, the implant wore down more easily and released harmful metal debris, such as chromium and cobalt, into the patient’s bloodstream. This could potentially cause allergic reactions. The implant also caused many painful symptoms in patients such as muscle and nerve damage. The implant may result in on-going medical problems along with decreased ability to perform implant surgeries in the future. A particularly high failure rate was discovered to be in women with an ASR head diameter below 50mm.

The painful symptoms of hip failure are especially prevalent in younger patients who received the implant. You may wish to speak to a DePuy hip recall lawyer because it is necessary to make sure your rights are protected and you are compensate for pain and suffering experienced due to the DePuy hip replacement recall. It is important to have a hip replacement lawyer on your side you can fight for your rights.

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